ADAMÁ was created as a vehicle for bringing inspired designs and solutions, inspired by Brazil’s unique culture, informal attitudes and lush nature, through the medium of cement, to discerning consumers who are searching for unique and refined products. We use contemporary technology in the development and manufacturing process and positive outlook with the mission of leaving our world a better off place than we received it.


We are committed to a good practices manufacturing, responsible administration and the environment. Our production, while centered around the experienced artisan, is highly controlled and supported by our technical and engineering department. The resulting product has a standardized quality but retains the magic of the handmade process.


With the benefit of around 30 years of experience through Cimartex, Adamá was created to focus our energy, bringing innovative design and technology to market. Our products are being sold through global home centeres such as Leroy Merlin as well as specialized boutique stores.

“We develop a design because we have an inspired idea; we release it only if we believe it responds to a need."


Edan Shoher | Architect

Adamá Creative Director 



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