Coping Systems

Coping Systems

Next generation coping and floor tiles integrated system for the pool and outdoor area. The system offers unique solutions bringing together the pool copings, floor tiles, wall caps, step treads, skirtings & a patented linear drain.


The Beiramar line, designed by the architect Edan Shoher, offers five profiles and numerous parts and components. The line's look is contemporary and minimalist, inspired by the beautiful beaches of the Brazilian coast. Large-format parts reduce grout and result in an exceptional finish.


Technical Information

  • Measurements
  • Thickness
  • Material
  • Surface Finish
  • Colors
  • Units per m2
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Where to use
  • Ideal for
  • Resistance
  • Absorption
  • Friction Coefficient
  • Variable Measures
  • Beiramar 5/8
  • Pigmented Concrete
  • Smooth with air drops
  • Areia/Lual (Atermika:Areia)
  • Consult Catalog
  • External Area
  • Free
  • Pools and outdoor area
  • 5.6 MPA
  • Depends on the sealer applied
  • 0.68 Dry/0.43 Wet


The laying can be done with flexible ACIII mortar, preferably in white, always ensuring that there is no contact between the laying mortar and the grout on the finishing surface, at the risk of causing irreversible stains. Download the complete manual and follow the step by step.


We recommend an oil-based impregnating sealer, it protects from liquid dirt and maintains the natural appearance of the coating (Follow the manufacturer's guidelines).


Use neutral detergent for daily cleaning, mixing detergent in a bucket with water, never apply detergent directly to the floor. Use alkaline detergent in cases of cleaning after construction and/or more severe dirt.