Cliping Casa Vogue: 8 innovations at Expo Revestir 2020

Cliping Casa Vogue: 8 inovações em materiais da Expo Revestir 2020
20 de março 2020

19 MAR 2020 - 06H01


Expo Revestir, the largest fair of coatings and finishes in Latin America, which completed its 18th edition this month, presents products and solutions for the finishing segment every year. And I am always in search of something new that can help construction professionals and consumers solve a problem that they encounter in their daily lives. I took a tour of the entire fair and then I separated some products that I consider more innovative. Check out! 

1. 11 mm encaustic cement tile

8 innovations in materials at Expo Revestir 2020 (Photo: Disclosure)  

Encaustic cement tiles are manufactured in an artisanal process and their main raw material is cement. The conventional models are on average 11/16” thick and, in many cases, the installation takes place with other types of coverings, such as porcelain tiles and ceramics, making it necessary to lower the subfloor so that all are at the same height. 

Adama will now produce encaustic cement tiles through a compaction system so that the tile is only 7/16” (average thickness of porcelain tiles and ceramics), making the product lighter, easier to install and with the same durability as conventional. 

2. Athermic floor deck 

8 innovations in materials at Expo Revestir 2020 (Photo: Disclosure) 

Decks are a solution for outdoor areas. But, when we talk about wooden decking or products that reproduce this type of material, they end up retaining more heat due to the dark coloring. 

Castelatto launched an athermic deck - it is a specific cement floor for the outdoor area, which does not heat up and also has the possibility of capturing water. This material can be used for the elevation of floors, housing the machinery of the pool or other desired items. 

3. Glass coating that reproduces large-format marble