Adamá's best moments at Expo Revestir 2020

Melhores momentos da Adamá na Expo Revestir 2020
20 de março 2020

Those who visited the Adamá stand, which debuted at Expo Revestir 2020 in March, were impressed by the inventiveness of the space, which made sure to highlight the richness of Brazilian culture and habits with the help of unique design coverings, with the signature of Edan Shoher. 

In total there were four days of experiences, business and unforgettable meetings. Adamá bet on several launches of artisanal production, among extra fine encaustic cement tiles - Amazonas, Delirio, Gloria, Iemanja, Samba, Selva and Urbano collections, as well as lighter and more modern coatings of the TesseraBeiramar and Atérmika lines. 

On one side, the walls of the stand received all the color of the Adamá tiles, through totems for the presentation of the products, in surprising compositions. On the other hand, the public was able to check all the launches of our coping systems, in addition to the linear drain, which gained prominence, and also drew a lot of attention from professionals in the areas of architecture and design who visited there. 

Adamá thanks the presence of everyone who visited the brand during the event.